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Episode 3.01: Orientacíon
Airdate: September 17, 2007

 08/15 - One of the guest stars we will see in the first episode is nicknamed "World." As Michael settles in his assigned cell for the night, he is attacked by World who accuses Michael of stealing his stash. World tells Michael to give it up but the latter keeps saying that he's not the guy World is looking for. Lechero soon appears on the scene and reminds them about "extracurricular fights." Sammy, who was following Lechero, searches the cell and finds World's drugs. Michael claims the drugs were planted there. Lechero gives World his stash back. World leaves warning Michael that this is not settled. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat

Episode 3.02: Fire/Water
Airdate: September 24, 2007

07/06 - The episode introduces 40-year-old Colonel Escamilla, the man in charge of running Sona. Lechero warns him that the prison ran out of water. Escamilla doesn't seem to see the urgency of the situation and says he'll get a water truck the day after tomorrow. But Lechero knows what a prison, especially Sona, without water can be like and tells him he needs it now. But Lechero cannot do a thing as he and none of the other prisoners can take hostages and make demands as there are no guards at Sona. What will happen inside when the men have to live two days without water? Source: SpoilerFix.com

Episode 3.03: Call Waiting
Airdate: October 1, 2007

08/01 - In episode 3.03, Mahone gets a visit from the public defender assigned to his case, Paul Darinda. The latter tells his client that they have a trial date. Thing is, it is in a year! Darinda is not really interested in what Mahone has to say, which includes that Michael can testify that he set Mahone up. Darinda says that judges won't fall for the "one inmate will take the blame for another" trick. He tries to convince Darinda to get meds for him as he can't get those in Sona. In the same episode, we will meet Lechero's cousin, Augusto. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
07/27 - Sara and LJ will be reunited by the third episode, if not sooner. However, it won't be a happy reunion due to the thud taking care of them. Mahone will not enjoy his stay at Sona and one of the reasons is the lack of meds. You can expect his tremors to come back to haunt him. Source: TV Squad
07/24 - Michael and Sara talk to one another on the phone. They have to use a code to talk to one another. Bellick visits Stash in order to get his missing shoe (Bellick has been walking around Sona with only a shoe). Bellick's threats won't last long as Stash will soon be joined by one of his "clients." Bellick changes his attitude and wants to trade something in exchange for the shoe. Source: SpoilerFix.com
07/18 - Sara [is with] a young male character we have seen many times before. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
07/17 - We will meet Stash, a transsexual in Sona. Not intimidated by Bellick in the least. Source: secretagentman at TWoP

Episode 3.04: Good Fences
Airdate: October 8, 2007

Episode 3.05: Interference
Airdate: October 15, 2007

08/14 - I hear Michael and a new inmate buddy begin planning their intricate escape from Sona by episode five. Source: Kristin on E!Online
08/11 - Michael's get a visitor in his cell: Captain Hurtado. The man is not happy as he thinks Michael has been watching him lately and asks if a monocular he finds in Michael's cell is a weapon. When Hurtado is about the shoot Michael to get answers, Whistler comes in and says the monocular is his. Sofia comes up to Hurtado, now next to his car, and tells him she needs a ride to go to Sona. During the ride, Hurtado compliments Sofia and he stops the car. He asks her what she is willing to do to see her prison-bound boyfriend. He even tells her he can not only allow her to see her boyfriend but also touch him... it all depends on her. But Sofia drops a bombshell, she tells Hurtado that her boyfriend is Norman Corneli, also known as Lechero. Sammy welcomes a new inmate, Andrew Ross. Sammy tries to intimidated Ross in front of everyone but the new guy doesn't want to play the game. But too late, Ross bites the dust. Ross tells another inmate that he knows Michael. As Ross cleans his wounds, Bellick warns him to not use too much water and that it's every man for himself in Sona. It looks like Bellick is trying to befriend Ross. Later, Ross runs into Mahone who asks him why he (Ross) got in jail (resisting arrest for something he supposedly didn't do). Mahone warns the guy to mind his own business. Colonel Escamilla may appear in this episode. Source: SpoilerFix.com
08/11 - Pad Man (aka Kim's boss) appears in this episode. Source: SpoilerTV

Source: spoilerfix.com

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