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Episode 2.18 "Wash"

Preview 0:52 min

preview 0:39 min

Episode 2.17 "Bad Blood"

preview 0:29 min

Episode 2.16 "Chicago"

Preview 0.30 min

Michael / Sara kiss 03:01 min

Episode 2.15 "The Message"

preview 0:29 min

Episode 2.14 "John Doe"

Preview 0.30 min

Promo Jan 13, 2007 0.30 min "All That Matters"

Recap Kellerman and Sara

Prison Break Sneak Peek 2.14 2.49 min

Episode 2.13 "The Killing Box"

Trailer 0:28 min

Episode 2.12 "Disconnect

Trailer 0:29 min

Episode 2.11 "Bolshoi Booze"

Trailer 0:29 min

Episode 2.10 "Rendezvous"

Trailer 0:29 min

Episode 2.09 "Unearthed"

Trailer 0:29 min

Episode 2.08 "Dead Fall"

Trailer (02x08) Dead Fall 0:28 min

Trailer (02x08) Dead Fall 2:03 min

Episode 2.07 "Buried"

Trailer (02x07) Buried 0:28 min

Episode 2.06 "Subdivision"

Trailer 1 Episode (02x06) Subdivision

Trailer 2 Episode (02x06) Subdivison

Episode 2.05 "Map 1213"

Trailer (02x05) map 1213   2:11 min 

Episode 2.04 "First Down"

Beginning of episode 4 first down 9:51 min

Episode 2.03 "Scan"

Trailer (02x03) Scan

Episode 2.02 "Otis"

Beginning of (02x02) Otis 04:59 min

Episode 2.01  "Manhunt"
 Prison Break Season 2 Preview 3:01 min 

# 1 Prison Break Season 2 Promo     29 sec.  

# 2 Prison Break Season 2 Promo       24 sec.

# 3 Prison Break Season 2 Promo    14 sec.

Other Spoilers:
TV Guide's Mike Ausiello reveals that:

"We're going to get a glimpse of Bellick's home life in the second episode (of season 2), and it ain't gonna be perty. The second episode will also mark the end of the road for a series regular.

From Ask Ausiello at TV Guide:
[Actor Stacy Keach told] Matt Mitovich that he'll leave the show after next season's second episode, when the hunt for Scofield and his fellow escapees gets turned over to the new FBI agent character (played by Invasion's William Fichtner). "The FBI's going to take over pretty strongly," says the veteran actor, who doesn't rule out a return later in the season. "Things are still unresolved between Scofield and the warden, so down the line, we'll probably hopefully get some closure."

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